Monday, April 12, 2010

The making of the Prototype v 1.0

So this is going to be the first post of this blog... and what a way to start things off..

The prototype v 1.0 was made yesterday night (yeah .. ob night out !) based on the initial design made by Rishi and team.This was done mainly to check the ergonomics of the car and the 'soundness' of the chassis.

The prototype's rods are made of PVC pipes(1 inch dia) and the joints are handled by the universal joining material(the duct tape :P).These materials were chosen as the prototype had to be built in a short time and the cost had to be kept minimal.

The pipes used for making the prototype of BAJA were reused and a few new ones were bought.The dimensions were marked on the floor and the floor of the chassis was made.We divided ourselves into groups and simultaneously the main hoop and the upper plane were being made.The vertical members were added to the floor and the upper plane was attached to it and then the front and main hoops were added. A few more members were added near the bulk head region and the bracing for the front hoop was done. All this was done in flat 90 minutes I guess.

The BAJA car's seat was put in the drivers cockpit and Anirudh finally inaugurated the chassis. It was a great sight.For the first time the entire FSAE team had constructed something together.

Now comes the analysis part.The driver was able to fit in the cockpit comfortably.The front bulkhead portion looked a little big as there was a lot of space after the pedal area.The front hoop area was looking a little congested and there was a discussion on the positioning of the rack and the A arms.Rohit talked about keeping the wheel center close to driver to decrease weight transfer to the rear and to improve maneuverability.

It was great educational experience for the first yearites and the now that we've got some feedback ,the redesigning has started and this is what FSAE is all infinite loop of deign,test and redesign..

PS: Its is Kartik's birthday today and we 'missed' his presence.

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