Friday, February 3, 2012

Structure and Design...Till now

Designing The Chassis: The complete model was designed according to our requirements and the competition rules.

The Wooden Prototype: This was made to 
1.Test the rules 
2.See how comfortable the driver feels and design the seat accordingly.
3.Fix the engine position.

Making The Chassis: The main hoop and front hoop bending was done by a CNC machine.The rods were fixed in their position with clamps and were accurately grinded and weld. 

 Making The Seat Mould: A mock-up chassis was made, the wooden seat was placed in the centre.
Laying Plaster of Paris on the mould: The Plaster was allowed to dry. After pulling out the mould we applied resin and fibre-glass to make the seat.

The Seat with the Chassis: The surface of the seat was made smooth by sand-paper and then the seat was inserted into the main chassis.