Monday, July 5, 2010

Pit stop

It has been almost two months into our long pit-stop and the flow of work has understandably reduced. In the meantime SUPRASAE has announced a few radical changes in the rules(We expected it,didn't we?). The new rule book was uploaded a few weeks back ( and here are the notable changes:

1) The maximum displacement of the engine has been increased to 810 cc (Obviously to include the Maruti 800 engine). This move has sent ripples across the SUPRASAE community(will discuss more about it later). 

2) There is a separate clause introduced for teams using a engine with displacement more than 625cc , which says that the minimum OD of all tubing should be 25mm and wall thickness should be at least 2mm. It also introduces a new bracing from the top of the bear rearwards at a max angle of 60degrees.

3) The new rules make it compulsory for teams using engine with displacement more than 625cc to compulsorily use seamless tubes for all tubing purposes.

Other than this there are no major changes found till now(Other than replacing FSAE with the sucky SUPRASAE everywhere)

The rule book also says that the Preliminary Design report submission date is 7th Aug 2010 ( In Rishi's words : Ass on fire !!)

The Design Report scrutiny is scheduled to be from 13th to 15th Aug 2010. 

Its time for the team to start serious work again. Performing well in PDR and scrutiny will definitely give us the confidence boost.

"To finish first, you must first finish."
- Rick Mears
#No more Pit stops.Period.

PS: A detailed report on "Our teams progress so far in all sub-systems and the way forward" coming soon.