Friday, April 23, 2010

The BAJA 2011 team composition

After the success of Inspired Karters in BAJA 2010, we are all set to do it all over again but this time take it to new heights.The BAJA team has registered for the competition and a lot of work has being going on these days ,especially in the transmission area.Coming back to the main topic, here are the Inspired Karters of the BAJA team :

Team Captain :  Rishi Bigghe
Team Vice-Captain : Shubham Dixit


Head : Kartik Bagga 
Nitin Hiran
Syed Ain Ahmad
Nagamalla Shashank

Suspension :

Head: Rohit Garg
Chandan Agrawal
Vinay Billa

Engine and Transmission : 

Head : Rishi Bigghe
Aviral Sharma
Parth Ved
Shriharsh Rahatgaonkar 

Steering :

Head : Shubham Dixit
Raza Ahmad
Siddharth Raghuraman

Braking :

Head : Kartik Gandhi
Pulkit Malpani
Maulik Agrawal
Gagandeep Singh

Marketing and sponsorship :

Head : Anirudh Singh

 A great team indeed .. with the lessons we have learnt from the past ..the enthusiasm of the present and the uncertainty of the future .. we are going to fly high .. higher than ever before.

Cheers !

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